Power In-Lock® Container Storage Asset Protection

When it comes to securing equipment on the job site, Power In-Lock provides a multi-faceted security solution that not only locks and unlocks your storage containers from the inside, but enables visibility of who, what, where and when a particular container, trailer or storage area was accessed. Everything is tracked from the Power In-Lock mobile app or web-based user interface.

Power In-Lock® Keeps Your Payloads And Cargo Secure

Power In-Lock turns your storage container into a safe.

Power In-Lock works from the inside, invisible to thieves, and is certified tough for maximum durability against the elements and other environmental challenges found on the job site. Powered by solar technology and equipped with battery back-up, Power In-Lock works around the clock to secure the equipment construction companies rely on everyday to get the job done. Click below to see how Walsh Construction eliminated equipment theft in Chicago using Power In-Lock.

Internal Locking System

Electronic lock is mounted to inside the container door, so it can't be seen or tampered with from the outside.

Activity Audit

Electronic activity log tracks all door open/close activity and identifies who accesses equipment.

Advanced Software

Easy lock/unlock and user access management via mobile or web based application.

Jobsite Versatility

Solar powered with chargeable battery back-up for remote jobsite use. Rigorously tested and certified against the elements.

Beyond Security: Offering Convenience and Peace of Mind


Maintaining the security of your equipment is just one benefit provided by the Power In-Lock® system. It also:

  • Eliminates logistical problems of key management.
  • Lasts longer than conventional storage container locks. An internal locking system means there’s no dealing with frozen, dirt-filled or corroded exterior locks.
  • Greatly reduces the potential for internal theft and unknown access to designated equipment.
  • Offers visibility to who, where and when a storage container was accessed.


Rigorously tested for the following certifications:


Dust: IP 6x, Immersion: IPx7, High Pressure Jet: IPx9k, Random Vibration: MIL STD-810G:2014-Method 514.7 category 24, Mechanical Shock: IEC60068-2-27, Sinusoidal Vibration: IEC60068-2-6, Dewing Test: ISO 16750-4 sec Test 3, Temp Cycling: ISO 16750-4 sec 5.3.1, Thermal Shock: ISO 16750-4 sec 5.3.2, Damp Heat Cyclic: ISO 16750-4 sec Test 1, Impact: 1851-ENV6758 TR, CE Approval: EN 50498:2010, ETSI EN 301 498-17 V3.1.1, EN 62311:2008/EN 62479: 2010, FCC Approval: FCC CFR 47: PART 15.109 October 2017 CLASS A, Strength: 1500 lbs. of force.


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