PalletQuilt | Thermal Pallet Covers


A proven alternative to active temp control

PalletQuilts are designed to cover and protect individual pallets of temperature sensitive commodities. A variety of designs, features and sizes are available to ensure your pallets of temperature sensitive freight arrive in optimal condition. Consider PalletQuilt a viable alternative to refrigerated LTL service, a flexible source for mixed temperature loads, and to prevent drums, totes, & other commodities from damage caused by excessive heat or freezing temperatures. Like our other passive temperature protection products, PalletQuilt thermal pallet blankets capture the existing environment of your freight and assist in maintaining a safe temperature range throughout the delivery process. Fits all US and EU size pallets.


Why Choose PalletQuilt?

Cost Saver

Replace reefers with passive temperature protection.

Made To Fit

Comes in a variety of sizes to protect pallets of any height

Reduce Temp Risk

Freezing temps, radiant and convective heat

Optimal Protection

Accessories available for additional thermal performance

A PalletQuilt For Your Shipping Needs

PalletQuilt thermal pallet covers maintain your product’s temperature integrity throughout transit. Whether you’re looking for a lighter, single-use thermal packaging solution or a heavy-duty, insulated pallet cover that can be used multiple times, there’s a PalletQuilt variation available for your unique shipping needs. PalletQuilts are qualified and cost-effective solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and logistics industries.


Our flagship thermal pallet cover design, closed at all corners. Available at various levels of insulated performance, and performance qualified for multiple uses.

PalletQuilt Kit

Our standard thermal pallet cover with six sided protection. Customizable with a variety of accessories for optimal thermal pack-outs for CRT and 2-8C product.

reflective and insulated ULD PMC cover for protecting air freight on the tarmac

ULD Air Freight Quilt

Reflective, insulated thermal protection on the tarmac for airfreight. Fits a variety of pallet configurations and ULD sizes. Bottom wrap provides six-sided protection.

a breathable, insulated pallet cover protecting a pallet of temp-sensitive product

Breathable PalletQuilt

Breathable sides and reflective top allow use in tandem with refrigerated transport. Designed for refrigerated ocean container payloads.

Tote & Drum Quilt

Designed to slip over 4 drum pallets and tote tanks when shipping chemicals in freezing conditions. Complete with tightening straps and BOL windows.

Lightweight reflective pallet cover protecting temperature sensitive freight

Single Use Covers

A single-use reflective thermal pallet cover, popular for air cargo tarmac protection against the radiant heat of the sun, cold wind, and rain.

Cap & Wrap

For combo loading mixed loads for grocery retail distribution in single temp or dry trailers. Fits various pallet heights.

PalletQuilt Case Studies

World Federation of Hemophilia

World Federation of Hemophilia Utilizes PalletQuilt Thermal Covers to Minimize Temp Deviations

  • Air Cargo
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Protect From Heat

Switching from Air to Ocean Using PalletQuilt

A Major Pharma Manufacturer Switched From Air to Ocean Using PalletQuilt Thermal Covers

  • Ocean Freight
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Protect CRT Product

Temperature Protection For Glanbia Products

Glanbia Achieves Protection for Temperature Sensitive Products Using PalletQuit

  • OTR Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Protect From Freeze

Craft Beer Shipment With PalletQuilt

PalletQuilt Protects Integrity of Craft Beer Shipment Through Extreme Summer Heat

  • LTL Ocean Freight
  • Beverage
  • Protect From Heat

Eliminating Temp Excursions On Tarmac

A live shipment of pharmaceutical products protected by PalletQuilt was tested for temperature compliance

  • Air Cargo
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Protect 2-8°C

Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt Protects Tomatoes in 34-36°F

A produce distributor was looking for something that could maintain ambient temperatures

  • Food & Produce
  • OTR Distribution
  • Protect From Heat

Delivery Of Ice Cream on a 36°F Trailer in Summer Heat

Price Chopper uses PalletQuilt to hold the integrity of frozen items on a refrigerated trailer set at 36°F

  • Retail Grocery
  • Combo Loading
  • OTR Distribution

Compare PalletQuilt

Not all thermal pallet covers are made the same. See why PalletQuilt is the superior insulated pallet cover of choice, validated for both performance and operational quality by the world’s leading food and pharma manufacturers.

QProducts Competitors
US & Euro Sizes
Protect from Heat
Serialized Tracking
No taping or cutting required
Operationally efficient handling
Real World Performance Data
Optimal Freeze Protection
Beyond the Tarmac Protection
Compression Packaged
Food & Beverage

Live Test Data

Actual data of temperature fluctuations on goods protected by PalletQuilt in real-world conditions. Live test of beer kegs under a PalletQuilt in a dry trailer from St. Louis, MO to Jacksonville, FL.

Results will vary depending on specific circumstances. Consult a QPS Expert for an accurate assessment of your shipping outlook.