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New to using passive thermal protection? Let us start by offering some expert insight into how thermal pallet covers, thermal cargo blankets, and other passive thermal solutions not only offer robust protection for temperature sensitive shipments, but can offer big cost savings versus active temp-control while adding flexibility to your transportation network when you need it most!

Active temperature protection

This includes any method of actively controlling temperature using methods such as refrigerated units (reefers), refrigerated shipping boxes, and dry ice. While very effective, users have found that these methods are costly and too tightly controlled by market demand (i.e. influx in spot market rates due to capacity crunch).

Passive temperature protection

Passive temperature protection captures and maintains the existing temperature of the product it is protecting. It requires no energy to perform and is independent of changes in the marketplace. With a variety of insulation properties, users are able to specify the exact type of protection they need.

Our products protect a large range of temperatures –from extreme heat to extreme freeze. For the pharmaceutical industry, we have thermal blankets for 2-8°C and ambient environments.

This is the most common question we get and, yes, it works! Passive temperature protection uses thermal dynamics engineering to capture the existing environment of products and maintain it for an extended period of time.

Since every shipment is unique, our Technical Services team specializes in testing products for our customers. That way you know exactly how our products work with your precise shipment.

We’ve ensured that our quilts are quick and easy to apply so as not to disrupt your current processes. Even our CargoQuilt, that is applied over entire truckloads, can be applied and removed in under 5 minutes on the first try. On average, our other products are applied in under 90 seconds.

Check out our video page to see application/removal videos of CargoQuilt and Cap & Wrap products.

Yes, it can. Most of our customers have fully replaced their refrigerated units with our thermal quilts and blankets. Big Pharma has even been able to switch from Air to Ocean with ContainerKit. Learn more about that case study here.

Other customers prefer to keep their reefers and use our PalletQuilts for temperature protection during loading and unloading. For this user case, we often recommend our Breathable PalletQuilt, whose fabric protects the product’s internal temperature while allowing the refrigerated unit to continue cooling it.

We manufacture in the USA and other locations globally.

Most products are available in both limited and multi-use designs. For multi-use products, we offer QuiltTracker and other support for closed-loop operations.

QPS started in 1993 when inventor Bob Haberkorn created the first-ever CargoQuilt. 

Yes, please contact us to learn more.