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Our thermal blankets are a cost-cutting alternative to reefers, increasing flexibility across your entire supply chain.

Cut Costs

Switching from ocean reefers to dry containers saves an average of $1,000 - $3,000 per shipment.

Mix Loads

Send frozen and CRT goods in the same load, reducing waste on LTL shipments.

Go Green

Improve your carbon footprint by reducing reefers on the road.
Dry equipment expels less fuel emissions.

Secure Cargo

Keep your cargo secure with Power In-Lock, an electronic lock installed inside your trailer door. Thieves can't break what they can't see.

Cost-savings that actually perform

With ultra-thin and lightweight material, our TFormance technology tops the market with a 25% improvement in thermal insulating performance. It’s a cost-saving investment Quality teams can actually get on board with.

Power Saver

Because our products are passive, they don't add to your energy costs - in fact, they save you costs by not chilling so low.

Storage Problems?

Not with our products! We've specifically designed them to store and pack just as easy as they are to use.

Help is Here

Start a conversation with us today about how we can take your struggling shipping production and make it succeed.

Not a single loose thread

We design and manufacture our quality products in Hazel Crest, IL. Our team of thermal engineers overlooks each step precision unmatched with suppliers that outsource manufacturing. 


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