CargoQuilt | Thermal Cargo Blankets


Protection for Full Trailer and Container Loads

Developed as an alternative to transporting temperature-sensitive cargo under refrigeration, our CargoQuilt insulated blankets for shipping capture the existing environment of the freight and maintain that temperature range during transit. CargoQuilt insulated cargo blankets protect your commodities from both heat and cold, as well as other environmental hazards. Thermal shipping blankets are versatile tools that help you maintain your cargo’s temperature by creating a barrier over your products.

CargoQuilt insulated thermal blankets come in both limited and multi-use designs.

Why Choose CargoQuilt?

Cost Saver

Eliminate seasonal mode conversions. Ship dry and reduce transportation spend.


Durability for repeated usage provides cost savings and a positive environmental impact.

Over Land or Sea

Down the road or across the globe, CargoQuilt maintains the temperature of your freight.


Avoid seasonal, temp-control capacity crunch, and ship dry with passive thermal protection.

A CargoQuilt For Your Shipping Needs

CargoQuilt products meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and logistics industries. CargoQuilt is a qualified and cost-effective solution to maintain your product’s temperature and fight temperature fluctuation.


The original thermal cargo blanket. Durable to stand up to years of use, but designed for single-use convenience. CargoQuilt covers the top of your load, down to the floor to maintain the existing temp of your cargo.

ContainerKit version of the CargoQuilt thermal shipping blanket. Contains added sidewall protection for long ocean transit and extreme shipping conditions.

Container Kit

Our CargoQuilt thermal cargo blanket plus sidewall protection creates the ultimate thermal container liner. Used on the world’s most extreme shipping lanes to protect temp-sensitive freight.

Railcar Kit

This CargoQuilt variation comes in panels that are applied to the top of boxcar loads as rows of cargo are loaded from both ends towards center doors. Robust thermal protection to maintain payload temperature requirements.

CargoQuilt Case Studies

Export Company Uses CargoQuilt to Protect Clients’ Brands

CargoQuilt used to help protect temperature-sensitive cargo on ocean shipments

  • Food & Beverage
  • Ocean / OTR
  • Protect From Heat

CargoQuilt Protects Sensitive Food Ingredients From Heat

Transporting sensitive raw materials for food production, such as marshmallows, during summer

  • Food & Beverage
  • OTR Distribution
  • Protect From Heat

Auto Paint Manufacturer Eliminates Freeze

CargoQuilt offered Quaker Color a significant savings in transportation costs compared to a heated service.

  • Chemical, Paint/Coatings
  • International Ocean Shipment
  • Freeze Prevention

CargoQuilt Protects Canned Soup From Freezing In Railcar Shipment

A loyal customer needed a solution to prevent canned food shipments from freezing during the winter season

  • Food Distribution
  • Railcar/Boxcar
  • Freeze Prevention

Compare CargoQuilt

Not all thermal cargo blankets are made the same. See why CargoQuilt is the superior choice, validated for both performance and operational quality by the world’s leading food and pharma, and chemical manufacturers.

QProducts Competitors
Ocean & OTR Solutions
Protect from Heat
Serialized Tracking
Backed by data from real, live shipments
Optimal Freeze Protection
Protect from condensation and container rain
Operationally efficient handling
Food & Beverage

Live Test Data

Actual data of temperature fluctuations on chilled fruit protected by CargoQuilt, in a dry trailer.

Results will vary depending on specific circumstances. Consult a QPS Expert for an accurate assessment of your shipping outlook.