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By creating a thermal barrier over your products, CargoQuilt® protects from both heat and cold, as well as other environmental hazards. Developed as an alternative to transporting temperature-sensitive cargo under refrigeration, CargoQuilt® captures the existing environment of the freight and maintains that temperature range throughout the delivery process.

Once the cargo is loaded on a trailer or container, CargoQuilt® is easily applied over the loaded cargo. The CargoQuilt® can maintain the temperature of the freight – whether hot or cold – from 5 up to 30 days.

Product Name : CargoQuilt®

Available Sizes :
Limited Use CargoQuilt®
24′ x 105″  |  28′ x 98″  |  36′ x 106″  |  48′ x 98″
Multi-Trip CargoQuilt®
20′ x 108″  |  28″ x 108″  |  36′  x  108″
54″ x 120′  |  60″ x 108′

Applications :



Limited Use CargoQuilt®: Offers high performance protection. These CargoQuilts® stand up to their fair share of abuse and palletize nicely making return logistics simple and efficient.

Multi-Trip CargoQuilt®: The flagship of our quilt fleet (check out our ASL program). Built heavy duty to weather the punishment of any shipping lane year round.

QFoil™ & QFoil Extreme™: Cost-effective, versatile materials that can supply thermal insulation for entire truckloads. This quality, reflective material, which is also available in a roll, is both tear and puncture resistant.


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