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We Are QProducts & Services

We are temperature protection experts that design, engineer and manufacture cost saving solutions for transporting temperature sensitive commodities for a number of industries. After 25+ years we continue to develop innovative thermal protection products for the supply chain and have expanded our product line to also include innovative cargo security solutions.

Our Values

With an emphasis on the importance of transportation and trade for the global economy, QProducts & Services is committed to developing industry-leading solutions that protect product integrity. We believe that the safe delivery of goods, from pharmaceuticals to fresh produce, can protect both your business and your customers. Our mission is to deliver industry leading products and services to every one of our customers, without exception, while maintaining our focus on safety and continuous improvement.

Customer Commitment

At QProducts & Services, we take our customers’ needs and challenges to heart. Our team takes pride in developing long lasting relationships that help you solve the individual needs of your supply chain. We’re committed to providing more than our quality products, but outstanding service, also. We are committed to your long-term growth toward supply chain excellence.

Designed in the U.S.A.
Manufactured Globally

If you’re looking to take your cold chain to the next level, let’s talk. With over 125 years of combined experience in shipping temperature sensitive cargo, our team is equipped to work through any challenge you bring our way.

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What Our Customers Say

“Great Product”

“Approximately one month after the shipment left our dock, we received a frantic e-mail written in Spanish. A few key phrases said it all, “OMIGOD and Que Horror”. Apparently the consignee did not receive notification the container had arrived & the container sat in the hot equator sun for 14 days only being protected by your CargoQuilt. When the product was inspected, NOTHING was wrong with the goods and the product was then moved on the the retail outlets. Thank you for making a great product that does exactly as you have stated.”

Distribution Manager
Confectionary Company

“$90,00 In Annual Savings”

“We are experiencing around $2000 savings weekly in dry ice expense or $24,000 through the first 12 weeks. We also discontinued buying boxes, which was an $800 cost weekly or another $9600. So in 3 months we have saved around $35,000, I would expect this savings to continue through the remainder of the fiscal year. We were also able to capitalize the initial purchase over 3 years. I would expect around a $90,000 annual savings in dry ice a $40,000 savings in ice cream boxes less the depreciation $15,000.”

Business Demand-Supply Planner
Packaging Manufacturer

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