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Thermal Solutions

Save Money on Temperature Protection.

Protect your temperature sensitive shipments, without a reefer. Our thermal pallet covers for totes and drums are designed specifically for protection against freezing temps, but also protect against heat-risk where applicable. Reduce your reliance on active temp-control and save money with passive thermal protection from QProducts.


For Chemical Applications

From Single Drums to Chemical Totes, We’ve Got You Covered!







Products For Chemical Thermal Protection

Tote/Drum PalletQuilt®

Designed to slip over 4 drum pallets and tote tanks, complete with tightening straps and BOL windows. They reduce temperature exchange, maintaining product specs during ambient temperature swings.

container insulation for temperature protection

Container Kit

Our CargoQuilt thermal cargo blanket plus sidewall protection creates the ultimate thermal container liner. Used on the world’s most extreme shipping lanes to protect temp-sensitive freight. A popular solution for Ocean Freight.

5 gal. Pail Box QLiner

Our 5 gal. pail box liner offers premium insulation for shipping individually packaged shipments of temp-sensitive paints, coating and other chemicals. Ideal for use against both freeze damage and excessive heat as well.

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