Our Team

We Are QProducts & Services

Our team of engineers, salesmen, sewers and technicians have made QProducts & Services the industry leader that it is today. Contact us to learn, firsthand, why our slogan is, When you buy a QProduct, you buy a company!

Kevin Lynch

General Manager
Sales & Marketing

 (708) 271-9843

Pete Mirabella

VP, Operations &
Technical Services

 (708) 271-9836

Jim O’Donnell

Director of Sales
Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

 (708) 271-9838

Stephen Wozniak

Market Specialist
Food & Beverage

 (708) 501-5451

John Wohlford

Market Specialist
Pharmaceuticals & Logistics

 (708) 271-9837

Brenda Gonzalez

Customer Service Supervisor

 (708) 225-2365

Pradeep Sagar

Director, APAC Operations


Dhanasekar G. M.

Finance & Administration Manager APAC