Performance Qualification

Validated Passive Thermal Shipping Solutions

Design, Operational, and Performance Qualification by the QProducts Technical Services Team.

From design to implementation, our Technical Services team has decades of experience working hand-in-hand with Pharma, Food, and Chemical manufacturers, and their logistics partners, to meet performance and operational demands of the world’s largest transportation networks. We’ve compiled data from simulated, chamber and real world temperature studies, profiling the thermal environment of hundreds of shipments to validate the performance of our passive thermal solutions. Contact us to find out if one of our products can help secure your cold chain and reduce transportation spend!

  • Design Qualification

    From temperature allowance to payload configuration, we assess every aspect of your shipment to develop a solution that performs in real-world environments.

  • Operational Qualification

    Our team works to ensure our thermal solutions work within your current shipping methodology to optimize operational efficiencies.

  • Live Temperature Data

    Years of live temperature profiling and real-world shipments, provide the data to validate our solutions on your unique products and shipping lanes.

  • Chamber Testing

    Our products have been tested unbiasedly by manufacturers, 3rd party laboratories and universities to validate thermal performance.

  • Simulated Thermal Profiling

    We implement the latest thermal profiling software to mimic specific packouts, shipping lanes, packaging materials, and temperature-control, for proof of concept validation and to measure temperature risk to sensitive cargo.


Results from a pallet of CRT product sitting on the tarmac for six days. The payload was protected by PalletQuilt, which maintained product temps throughout the duration of the test.

As Unique As You

Every product and application requires different specifications. Our team has developed hundreds of custom solutions.

Real-World Proof

We’re not selling you on theory. With real performance data and operational guidance, we help customers establish ROI from the very beginning.

Why Choosing QProducts is the Right Move

Safe and proper delivery is critical for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries because manufacturers in these markets must ensure that their goods maintain certain standards at every step throughout the supply chain.

With strict regulations from governing organizations globally, the validity of passive thermal solutions comes under great scrutiny from a quality assurance standpoint. Our Technical Services division executes temperature testing and validation protocols with subsequent technical reports on the operational and performance qualification of our full line of products.

Headed by Peter Mirabella, lead contributing author of the Parental Drug Associations Technical Report 72 “Passive Thermal Protection Systems for Global Distribution: Qualification and Operational Guidance,” the Technical Services team is dedicated to ensure quality validation for all QProducts’ thermal solutions..

QProducts is the recognized leader in temperature protection products that keep goods stable and secure during transport. Our expertise in developing and innovating these solutions means we are your go-to resource for effective thermal test services.

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