Introducing the new QLiner insulated, thermal box liner for parcel-sized shipments. Our new design combines our high performance insulation technology with 100% curbside recyclable materials for the perfect balance of cost-effective thermal protection and low environmental impact.


QLiner insulated thermal box liners protects your perishable parcel shipments. It is a cost-effective and versatile insulated packaging material that can supply thermal insulation for parcel sized shipments. This quality, reflective material is both tear and puncture resistant.


QLiner is perfect for use in last-mile and home delivery parcel shipments containing temperature and shock sensitive products ranging from frozen food to pharmaceuticals, produce and even shelf stable products. Priced for high volume demand and available for use in standard cube boxes with custom sizes available upon request. Contact a QProducts expert today!




Cost Saver

Replace reefers with passive temperature protection.

Made to Order

QLiner comes in standard cube box sizes and custom sizes are available upon request.

Protects Against Condensation

Breathable material to reduce the probability of condensation and damaged packaging.

Heat & UV Protection

Shields from solar radiation and protects against temperature spikes.

Live Test Data

Actual data of temperature fluctuations on goods protected by QLiner, in real world conditions.

QLiner Insulated Box Liner Test Data

Real-World Results

Small Packaging Product Performance Graph

Actual data of temperature fluctuations on goods protected by QFoil® in real-world conditions. Note that QLiner® provides an extra layer of insulation than QFoil, shown below.

What is the best way to protect perishable parcel shipments?

QLiner insulated thermal box liner

Perishable parcel shipments for home delivery should be protected with a pouch or (box) liner featuring insulation with performance capability that can preserve the thermal environment of the product. Products with a lower threshold of temperature deviation may require the addition of phase change materials (PCM’s) like cooling gels or ice packs to mitigate extreme heat or cold ambient conditions.

How does QLiner provide thermal protection for parcel sized shipments

QLiner uses panels of high performance insulation to maintain the proper temperature of the products within.

Why is QLiner superior compared to other thermal box liners?

QLiner features the same insulation technology that pharmaceutical and food supply chain networks around the world trust to protect entire pallets or full truckloads of temp sensitive products.

What products can QLiner protect?

QLiner is an inexpensive packaging solution for any parcel sized shipment, offering not only temperature protection for shelf stable or even perishable goods, but is also a great way to cushion and secure fragile products from physical damage and rough handling.

What industries is QLiner for?

QLiner is a cost effective packaging solution for any industry. While primarily used for home delivery of temperature sensitive goods, QLiner makes a great packaging solution for any temperature sensitive shipment and can also be used as cushioning and fill empty space in a box.

Contact us to learn more about our QLiner™ box liners and other small packaging products.


Why Choose QProducts & Services

Why choose QProducts & Services for your foil insulated box liner packaging needs? First, we are experienced, serving industries that require passive temperature-protection products for more than 20 years. We are constantly innovating and developing new, effective, cost-saving products that provide temperature control to various commodities during the shipping process, as well as cargo security solutions. We manufacture our and our goal is to create long-term relationships with customers like you. You’ll find that both our commitment to service and our products are of the highest quality.

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