DrumQuilt | Drum Insulation Blanket


Durable thermal protection for 55-gallon drums

Like our other products, our DrumQuilt helps maintain your cargo’s temperature by providing a barrier between your cargo and the air around it, protecting it from freeze, heat and damaging temperature swings.

If you’re looking for drum thermal blankets, our 55-gallon drum insulation quilt supplies thermal protection designed especially for this size of cargo. DrumQuilts can accommodate 55-gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums and while an economical single-use option, are strong enough for multiple uses.

Why Choose DrumQuilt?

Freeze Protect

Multilayer, thermal protection against freezing, even for extended periods

Quick Application

Easy application and removal with wrap-around Velcro straps

BOL Window

Built-in window for a bill of lading or company branding


Single-use convenience, but durable enough for many uses

A DrumQuilt For Your Shipping Needs

Our DrumQuilts offer proven protection when freezing temps or extreme heat threaten your shipment. For chemicals, raw materials, and food ingredients, DrumQuilt can eliminate temperature risk and provide flexibility in your supply chain.


Easy, slip-over design is disposable but durable enough to reuse many times with high performance thermal protection.

Tote & Drum Quilt

Designed to slip over 4 drum pallets and tote tanks, complete with tightening straps and BOL windows.

DrumQuilt Case Studies

Protecting Frozen Cranberry Puree

DrumQuilt Protects Drums of Frozen Cranberry Puree From Thawing on International Airfreight Shipments

  • Air Cargo
  • Food & Beverage
  • Maintain Frozen

World Federation of Hemophilia

World Federation of Hemophilia Utilizes PalletQuilt® Thermal Covers to Minimize Temp Deviations

  • Air Cargo
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Protect From Heat

Temperature Protection For Glanbia Products

Glanbia Achieves Protection for Temperature Sensitive Products Using PalletQuit

  • OTR Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Protect From Freeze

Craft Beer Shipment With PalletQuilt

PalletQuilt Protects Integrity of Craft Beer Shipment Through Extreme Summer Heat

  • LTL Ocean Freight
  • Beverage
  • Protect From Heat

Eliminating Temp Excursions On Tarmac

A live shipment of pharmaceutical products protected by PalletQuilt was tested for temperature compliance

  • Air Cargo
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Protect 2-8°C

Provides Proven Temperature Protection

Are you shipping cargo in 55-gallon drums that require reliable, proven temperature control? QProducts & Services makes a variety of passive temperature protection products for cargo in a variety of sizes and specifications, including 55-gallon drum insulation.

The unique thermal insulating cover for a drum is easy to use — it slips effortlessly over the top of the drum, providing coverage down to the floor. Built-in straps help the drum thermal quilt conform to a variety of shapes.

Manufacturers in the food and beverage, paint/chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries all must reliably maintain the temperature of their cargo, and products like the DrumQuilt help them do so. If you’re looking for beverage shipping solutions, contact us and ask about our specially designed DrumQuilt for kegs, which is drum insulation that can be used for both individual and palletized kegs.

Food & Beverage

Live Test Data

Actual live-test data of temperature fluctuations of 55-gallon drums of water-based chemicals in a dry trailer. Drums were protected from freeze by DrumQuilt™ for seven days in real-world conditions.

Results will vary depending on specific circumstances. Consult a QPS Expert for an accurate assessment of your shipping outlook and how we can help you protect your temperature-sensitive cargo.