Case Studies

See how our products work in real-world conditions on actual shipments.


Ready-to-Eat Delivery Program Launches Successfully using QLiner to Maintain Freshness

Industry: Ready-to Eat Meal Delivery

Application: eCommerce

Purpose: Maintain Refrigerated Temps


QLiner Tapped to Protect Top, Pitch-Ready Yeast for Pro and Home Brewers

Industry: Brewers Yeast

Application: eCommerce

Purpose: Maintain Yeast Temps


Chef Jeff Mauro Utilizes QLiners™ to Protect Frozen Food Shipments Across the Country

Industry: Home Food Delivery

Application: eCommerce

Purpose: Maintain Frozen Meat Temps


DHL Uses PalletQuilt® Thermal Cover on Rush Airfreight Shipment to China

Industry: Pharma Product

Application: Airfreight

Purpose: Maintain CRT Temps


PalletQuilt® Protects Frozen Cranberry Puree on International Airfreight Shipment

Industry: Food Ingredients

Application: Airfreight

Purpose: Maintain Frozen Food Temps


Global Chemical Manufacturer Protects Ocean Freight from Heat Using ContainerKit™ thermal solution.

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Application: Ocean Freight

Purpose: Protect From Heat

Dominoe's Case Study Thumbnail

Global Pizza Chain Ships Frozen from US to South America Using PalletQuilt® Kit

Industry: Food Ingredients

Application: Ocean Freight

Purpose: Maintain Frozen Food Temps

Export Company Uses CargoQuilt - Case Study Thumbnail

Export Company Uses CargoQuilt to Protect Clients' Brands

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application: OTR

Purpose: Protect From Heat

A2O Case Study Thumbnail

A Major Pharma Manufacturer Switched From Air to Ocean Using PalletQuilt® Thermal Covers

Industry: Pharma, Health Care, Life Sciences

Application: Ocean Freight

Purpose: Protect CRT Product

Marbits Case Study Thumbnail

CargoQuilt® Kit Protects Sensitive Food Ingredients From Heat on Dry Van

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application: OTR

Purpose: Protect From Heat

ULD Case Study Thumbnail

Eliminating Temperature Excursions on Tarmac with PMC Quilts

Industry: Pharma, Health Care, Life Sciences

Application: Airfreight

Purpose: Protect 2-8°C

Cross Border Beverage -20 Case Study Thumbnail

Thermal Blankets Protect Beverage Shipment in -20°C

Industry: Beverage

Application: Intermodal

Purpose: Protect from Freeze

Price Chopper Case Study

How Price Chopper Supermarket Delivers Frozen Ice Cream on a 36F Trailer in Summer Heat

Industry: Retail Grocery

Application: Store Distribution, OTR

Purpose: Combo load frozen and perishables


How a Florida based food service distributor improved ice cream delivery practices

Industry: Food Service

Application: Distribution

Purpose: Retaining Ice Cream Quality while Reducing Costs


Auto Paint Manufacturer Eliminates Freeze & High Transport Costs with CargoQuilt®

Industry: Chemical, Paint/Coatings

Application: International Ocean Shipment

Purpose: Maintain temps of paint during transport


Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt® Protects Tomatoes in 34-36°F

Industry: Food, Produce

Application: OTR, Intra-Company Transfer, Delivery

Purpose: Maintain tomato pallet temps in a refrigerated environment


Thermal PalletQuilt® Wrap Protects Sweet Potato Shipment & Reduces Transportation Costs

Industry: Food, Produce

Application: Intercontinental Multi-temp Transit

Purpose: Maintain sweet potato temps in a refrigerated shipment


Restaurant Delivers Chilled Meals Without a Refrigerated Vehicle

Industry: Food, Produce

Application: OTR, Intra-Company Transfer, Delivery

Purpose: Deliver Chilled Healthy Meals without Refrigeration

Craft Beer Case Study Thumbnail- WP

PalletQuilt® Protects Integrity of Craft Beer Shipment Through Extreme Summer Heat

Industry: Beverage, Beer/Wine

Application: LTL Ocean Freight

Purpose: Maintain LTL craft beer temps in a refrigerated ocean container


Walsh construction eliminates theft and enables access control to equipment storage containers using Power In-Lock®

Industry: Construction

Application: Equipment storage access and security

Purpose: Eliminate theft and enable access control to jobsite storage containers


CargoQuilt® protects canned soup from freezing in railcar shipment

Industry: Food Manufacturing Distribution

Application: Railcar/Boxcar

Purpose: Protection from freezing


Food Ministry Sets The Bar High Keeping Food Fresh During 'Last Mile' Delivery.

Industry: Food Distribution

Application: Last Mile, “Just in Time” Delivery

Purpose: Maintain Fresh Food Temps


Glanbia Achieves Protection For Temperature Sensitive Products

Industry: Food Manufacturing Distribution

Application: OTR Distribution

Purpose: Protect from freeze


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