A complete temperature-monitoring system

Monitor temperature in real-time, from any location

A complete temperature monitoring system, TempVision™ allows food-service and healthcare businesses to remotely monitor temperatures from multiple locations to ensure optimum efficiency, safety, and compliance. TempVision™ gives management the flexibility to monitor multiple data points within a facility, from walk-in coolers/freezers, reach-in refrigerators/freezers, and hot/cold holding units. When an event is detected, alerts are instantly generated and sent via email and text message to appropriate personnel.

Riskpulse: Predictive Analytics for Supply Chain Risk and Commodities Trading

Auto Alerts

Provides alerts through email and text message for out-of-range events.


Easy installation; battery-operated sensors with 2-year life

Unlimited Monitor Points

Enough flexibility to monitor all critical items: coolers, freezers, refrigerators, etc.

TempVision® Dashboard

User-friendly interface shows multiple data points or locations at a glance.

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