Air Freight Temperature Protection

Our supply chain experts can secure your cold chain from origin to destination

Why Choose Passive Temperature Protection? 

As air freight has become one of the most crucial links in the global cold chain, being able to transport temp-sensitive shipments quickly through the skies is essential for ensuring operational efficiency, product safety and customer service excellence.

During its time from origin to destination your air freight can be protected from temperature risk without relying on costly and hard to secure active air cargo containers. A

QProducts & Services offers multiple solutions at different levels of protection. Whether you have one pallet  or multiple, our passive thermal covers maintain a consistent temperature throughout your cargos journey.


Our Air Freight Shipping Solutions at Work.

The following passive protection products are a safe, cost-effective way to keep sensitive goods in a controlled environment during shipment.

  • PalletQuilt® — Our reflective and insulated covers can be used to wrap a wide variety of shipments on airline pallets. The PalletQuilt can be used many times over with additional layers of temperature protection available in the form of bottom wraps, skid wraps, and multiple gel pack-out configurations.
  • ULD PalletQuilt® — Available in standard, 10-foot and 20-foot sizes, the ULD PalletQuilt  is ideal for covering multiple air freight pallets. Its ability to capture and maintain the existing environment of the items being shipped makes it a viable alternative to refrigerated units.


Choosing the Right Air Freight Solution.

With more shippers moving away from the historically high costs of active temperature controlled air freight containers, our thermal pallet covers offer robust insulative and radiant protection and are proven to maintain CRT and even 2-8⁰C temps.


Why QProducts & Services?

With more than 25 years of experience in the cold chain, there’s no better source for shipping solutions for sensitive cargo than us. We are continually focused on developing new and better passive temperature protection products that meet our client’s needs in sectors such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Count on receiving the highest levels of performance, reliability and overall quality. Everything we make is manufactured at our facility near Chicago, IL. To learn more or to discuss your custom order, contact us. Our representatives are ready to help guide you through the process.

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Air Freight Protection

Airline ULD PalletQuilt®


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