Every quilt we make takes reefers –and their larger carbon footprint–off the road. It’s our goal to reduce the footprint of the logistics industry through safe product development and recycling programs.

Our Commitment

Recyle Assets

Thin & disposable, or heavy duty & reusable. You choose.

Reduce Packaging

Our insulation ranges from thick to thin, so you only pay for what you need.

Reduce Fuel Emissions

By insulating your current trucks to allow for combo-loading, you'll be able to require less trucks to get the same job done - saving time, energy, and resources.

ICR Program

For supply chains where our products are used on one way shipping lanes, this can be a lucrative added-value service to make sure you’re getting more than one use out of your PalletQuilts®. Our Inspect, Clean and Recycle program is a participation-based reclamation process that allows us to re-condition your QProducts & Services products and re-stock them for you for future acquisition at a fraction of the new product price, driving down capital expenditure and offering cost savings from season to season.


After quilt use, they are sent back to the QProducts & Services facility where the team inspects products for quality maintenance.


The QPS team thoroughly cleans gently used quilts. If repairs are needed, quilts are
treated accordingly.


Quilts are sent on a shipment, back into rotation, only to return again for another inspection.

Cleaning Program

20,000+ Gallons of Fuel

Saved through our sustainability efforts.
Our goal is to save 60,000+ gallons by 2020.

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If you're searching for thermal shipping, insulated shipping containers, pallet wraps, thermal blankets, insulated foil, banana blankets, tote covers, drum covers, thermal blankets, shipping blankets, electronic cargo locks, or ice cream bags, you found all that and a whole lot more. We are fully committed to providing a passive thermal solution from top to bottom, nose to rear, of your temperature sensitive cargo.

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