Product Detail

SilverSkin® is an economical and versatile material that can supply thermal insulation packaging for entire loads, pallets or for lining containers. This quality, tear and puncture-resistant material is available pre-cut and fan folded.  This highly reflective and thermally efficient thermal pallet cover is designed within budget for single use, limited, or multi-trip use.

Product Name : Silverskin™ Thermal Covers

Available Products :
Multi Laminate
– Highly Reflective Foil + Reinforcement Scrim
Thickness – 107g/m2 (Less than 1mm.)

Multi Laminate – 5 Layers of Foil, Insulation & Bonding
Thickness – 166g/m2 (Less than 1mm.)

Single Bubble – Single HC Bubble Double Foil
Thickness – 276g/m2 (6mm.)

Applications :



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SilverSkin®: SilverSkin® can accommodate a 55-gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums in both limited and multi-trip applications. It is effortlessly slipped over the top of the drum and provides coverage down to the floor. Built-in straps help the quilt to conform to a variety of shapes. Various sizes are also available to accommodate a variety of applications from 5-gallon pails to different size kegs.

Available in both limited-use and heavy duty multi-trip construction, the sidewalls can be applied using Velcro straps or pre-installed magnet holders. The kit is flexible to accommodate all styles of containers.
Q Products can even custom engineer and design a DrumQuilt® to fit your needs.