When you need to maintain your cargo at a certain temperature, products like reflective pallet covers are essential. However, not all reflective thermal pallet covers are created equal. When products and profits are on the line, you want to be sure you’re using quality, proven reflective thermal insulated pallet covers. Whether you’re looking for single-use reflective thermal pallet covers or reflective insulated pallet covers that can be used more than once, you want a product that:


  • Reduces temperature exchange
  • Provides high reflectivity
  • Is water-resistant
  • Provides freeze protection





Protecting Products From Heat, Freeze and Condensation

The SilverSkin® passive temperature protection products offer versatility. You can use our reflective bubble wrap for packaging entire loads, individual pallets or to line shipping containers. When used as an alternative to an LTL reefer, SilverSkin single-use reflective pallet covers also help you reduce shipping costs. The lightweight material of the reflective insulated pallet wraps protects commodities from heat, freeze and condensation.


  • Reflecting radiant heat, including sunlight
  • Insulating against hot and cold ambient temperatures
  • Reducing risk of exposure due to temperature spikes


SilverSkin solutions have been tested, approved and used by many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. They rely on us for products like SilverSkin single-use reflective thermal covers to meet Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards to protect their pharmaceutical shipments. Whatever industry you’re in, if you need to keep your cargo between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, 2 to 8 degrees Celsius or another specific temperature range, you’ll find SilverSkin single-use reflective pallet wraps can meet your unique shipping requirements.


Why Choose QProducts & Services


QProducts & Services has been serving industries that need passive temperature protection products for more than 20 years.


Contact QProducts & Services to learn more about how SilverSkin solutions can help your commodities reach their destination while maintaining the appropriate temperature — and save you time, money and worry in the process.

Cost Saver

Keep costs down as an alternative to LTL reefers

Versatile Options

Can supply thermal insulation packaging for entire loads, pallets or for lining containers


Limited and Multi-Use Silverskin products available

Temperature Protection

Lightweight material protects from heat, freeze and condensation


Multi Laminate – Highly Reflective Foil + Reinforcement Scrim
Thickness – 107g/m2 (Less than 1mm.)


Multi Laminate – 5 Layers of Foil, Insulation & Bonding
Thickness – 166g/m2 (Less than 1mm.)


Single Bubble – Single HC Bubble Double Foil
Thickness – 276g/m2 (6mm.)

TP3 Global (A Softbox company) is a global partner of QProducts & Services. It is the manufacturer of the globally recognized market leading SilverSkin® range of pallet covers. With operations in EMEA, the Americas, India and Asia Pacific, we are strategically positioned to serve our customers on a truly global basis.

We are suppliers to the global leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics and perishable industries which has allowed us to build long-standing collaborations and development of market leading products.

TP3 Global manufactures a full range of single-use and re-usable thermal protection products for all modes of transport for pallets and parcels. As pioneers in materials technology, we are constantly seeking to develop the next break through product.

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