Services Provided by QProducts

Our services support the products we provide our customers.  Value added benefits are something our customers expect as a part of doing business with QProducts & Services. Our services are critical components of our business model  that require continued investment.  We understand product quality and safety is critical to our clients’ business. Our Technical Services (TS) Team builds confidence by solidifying temperature performance through real world case studies.  Beyond this important service, we also developed programs designed to accommodate unique challenges our customers face.  Our ASL and ICR Programs offer the kind of flexibility our customers require for their temperature sensitive applications.  Services are the cornerstone of our business.  We take great pride in developing solutions for our customers, and continue to strive to exceed expectations.

Technical Services

Technical Services

Our Technical Services Division (TS) offers support to qualify passive temperature protection applications. With strict regulations from governing organizations globally, the validity of these passive thermal solutions comes under great scrutiny from a quality assurance stand point. Headed up by Peter Mirabella, lead contributing author of the Parental Drug Associations Technical Report 72 “Passive Thermal Protection Systems for Global Distribution: Qualification and Operational Guidance,” QPS Technical Services division offers temperature testing and validation protocols with subsequent technical reports on the application and performance of our full line of products.



We offer unique leasing programs to lend flexibility to our customers in a way that can get them the protection they need during those crucial times of the year were your cargo is most at risk. Lower your capital expenditures and rest assured that you will always have performance ready protection on demand, stocked throughout your supply chain. Contact a QProducts representative for more information!

Inspect, Clean & Recycle Program


For supply chains where our products are used on one way shipping lanes, this can be a lucrative added-value service to make sure you’re getting more than one use out of your PalletQuilts®. Our Inspect, Clean and Recycle program is a participation based reclamation process that allows us to re-condition your QProducts & Services products and re-stock them for you for future acquisition at a fraction of the new product price, driving down capital expenditure and offering cost savings from season to season.