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Thermal Covers

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  • Our pharma-approved thermal pallet covers protect standard pallet sizes and ULD configurations.
  • Single-use and reusable options are available to ensure your pallets of temperature sensitive freight arrive in optimal condition.
  • Consider PalletQuilt a viable alternative to refrigerated Air Freight and LTL service, and for protecting drums, totes, & other sensitive payloads from heat or freeze damage.
  • QProducts & Services also offers CargoQuilt® thermal blankets, that assist in maintaining a safe temperature range throughout transit on intermodal and over the road shipments.

Whether Single-Use or Reusable, We’ve Got You Covered!







Pharma-Approved Thermal Protection

reflective and insulated ULD PMC cover for protecting air freight on the tarmac

Airfreight Protection

PalletQuilts are reflective, thermal pallet covers, available for individual pallets and various ULD configurations. Optional PalletQuilt Kit accessories increase thermal protection, such as bottom pads, wraps, and gel-pack kits with performance ranging from CRT to 2°-8°C protection.

ContainerKit version of the CargoQuilt thermal shipping blanket. Contains added sidewall protection for long ocean transit and extreme shipping conditions.

Trailer/Container Protection

CargoQuilt and Container Kit full-load protection offers significant advantages for over the road and ocean transportation, including no risk of mechanical failure, reusability, compatibility with LTL or Truckload shipments, operational friendly designs, and lower cost.

a breathable, insulated pallet cover protecting a pallet of temp-sensitive product

Breathable Pallet Covers

Designed for use in refrigerated containers, to protect 2°-8°C pharmaceuticals from temperature spikes while the mechanical unit is disconnected at the ports. When the reefer begins running again, the breathable material allows active airflow cool down the payload beneath the quilt.

Compare PalletQuilt

Not all thermal pallet covers are made the same. See why PalletQuilt is the superior insulated pallet cover of choice, validated for both performance and operational quality by the world’s leading food and pharma manufacturers.

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US & Euro Sizes
Protect from Heat
Serialized Tracking
No taping or cutting required
Operationally efficient handling
Real World Performance Data
Optimal Freeze Protection
Beyond the Tarmac Protection
Compression Packaged
Food & Beverage

Live Test Data

Actual temperature data of pharma air cargo protected by PalletQuilt on the tarmac, prior to loading.

Results will vary depending on specific circumstances. Consult a QPS Expert for an accurate assessment of your shipping outlook.

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