Power In-Lock® Keeps Your Payloads And Cargo Secure

Power In-Lock® Secures Your Cargo From The Inside

More Than Cargo Security:


Verifiable Evidence of Secured Load. Power In-Lock® logs all
events to prove the payload did not encounter unauthorized
access — regardless of damaged or missing trailer seals —
to prevent supply chain disruption.

Deter Cargo Theft Attempts. Cargo thieves are opportunistic
and will move onto another target if they can’t gain access to
the cargo quickly. Because the Power In-Lock® is not visible
from the outside, it acts as a deterrent to thieves.

Help Assist with Regulatory compliance. FSMA’s Final Rule
focuses on the Intentional Adulteration of Food, which requires
a risk mitigation strategy for compliance. Power In-Lock® will
benefit your plan.







The Power In-lock® Difference:


  • Internal Mount Prevents Unauthorized Access
  • Flexible Design Accommodates All Door Styles/OEMs
  • Send Lock/Unlock Commands via Bluetooth
  • Audit Trail of All Door Activity
  • Telematics Interface Allows for Remote Access and Electronic Seal Verification


The design of the Power In-Lock® system means your cargo is secure all the way through the supply chain. The system automatically locks when the door is closed and monitors all door openings and closings. Power In-Lock’s software identifies who accesses the cargo and enables you to manage user access permissions remotely, allowing lock/unlock commands to be sent via Bluetooth from any Apple or Android smart device.


Beyond Security: Offering Convenience and Peace of Mind


Maintaining the security of your cargo or payload is just one benefit provided by the Power In-Lock® system. It also:


  • Eliminates logistical problems of key management because it operates without keys.
  • Lasts longer than conventional storage container locks. Its internal locking system means there’s no dealing with frozen, dirt-filled or corroded exterior locks.
  • Greatly reduces the potential for internal theft and eliminates the possibility of thieves using false paperwork to access the cargo.
  • Offers proof that your payload was not accessed or tampered with during transit. This saves time and eliminates the need to use disposable, tamper-evidence seals.


Whether you’re looking for trailer door locks, container door locks or cargo trailer door locks, Power In-Lock® is the answer. Manufacturers and distributors of hundreds of commodities need the proven security that the Power In-Lock® system offers. We serve clients in a variety of markets, including but not limited to:


  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences
  • Chemicals, paints and coatings
  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation, including carriers and brokers


Contact QProducts & Services to learn more about how Power In-Lock® can make shipping your company’s commodities more secure — and more efficient.

Internal Locking System

Electronic lock is mounted to inside trailer/container door, so it can't be tampered with from the outside.

Cargo Traceability

Audit and tracking systems show chain of custody

Advanced Telematics

Lock activation via Bluetooth by smart device. Standalone or interfaces with industry leading telematics.

Activity Audit

Electronic activity audit tracks all door open/close activity and identifies who accesses cargo

  • Customer Claims
  • Seal Management
  • External Locks/Security Seals
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Risk Mitigation Plan (FSMA)
  • Internal Theft and Fraud
  • Business Development
  • Rejected Loads via Tampered Seals
  • Door Sensors
  • Secure Control Center Authorizes All Users and Devices
  • Customize User Roles and Permissions
  • Expiration Times and “Locked Out” Features
  • User to Vehicle Authorization
  • Authorize One Time Access to Mobile Device
  • Send Lock/Unlock Commands via Bluetooth
  • One Time Access (no cellular connection)
  • Seamless Commissioning Process for Authorized Installers
  • Secure with AES128 Encryption
  • Audit Verification Upon Delivery
  • Available for Apple and Android


What is unique about this trailer locking device?

The lock is mounted on the inside of the trailer/container, therefore invisible from the outside. Not only does this secure the cargo inside, it also acts a deterrent for Cargo Thieves because they can't break what the can't see.

How do I operate the lock?

The lock is operable - only for authorized users - via an Android or iOS smart device. An interface allows for telematics integration which allows for remote controls for locking/unlocking doors.

How does a company control access to the lock?

Users are authorized by your company administrator via the software platform's secure control center. This control center allows individuals with administrative access to create and authorize new users and devices, assign specific permissions and which equipment a given user has access to. Additionally, expiration times can be set and users can be locked out in seconds if needed.

How will I know if someone unlocked and/or opened the doors?

This smart lock, known as the Power In-Lock®, logs all lock and door activity. The built in sensors register each and every event that takes place and associates a corresponding time/date stamp. Not only will you know if someone gained access, you'll know who it was and when it occurred. This is extremely valuable information that can be used as an audit trail for every shipment.

Where does the lock get mounted?

On a swing door application, the lock is mounted on the inside passenger side door near the top. For a roll door, it is mounted on the side wall.

Can this lock work with my existing trailer telematics?

There is an interface built into the lock software that allows for communication to/from a telematics device, which allows the lock to be controlled remotely through your telematics provider's platform. This includes sending lock commands, gaining door status and additional features.

What power source is required to operate the lock?

Power comes from an external 12V - 24V power source. For refrigerated equipment, this power source comes from the mechanical unit. On dry equipment, the power source can be a battery/solar panel combination, or, the 9pin connector on the front of the trailer.

Does this lock include a door sensor?

Yes, a door sensor is built into the Power In-Lock®, and will identify the current status of the door. All door activity will be stored on the lock memory and will include a date/time stamp from the real-time clock.

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