Product Detail

You can’t break what you can’t see! Power In-Lock is a patented, electronic internal locking system that – unlike traditional trailer locks – mounts on the inside of the truck, trailer or container, making it impossible to see, access, or tamper with from the outside. As a key-less system, it eliminates lost, stolen or damaged keys, or compromised locks.

Power In-lock also goes beyond cargo security by logging all door activity – open/closed, time, date, and personnel. Additionally, the entire system can be integrated with telematics to provide location, remote locking/unlocking functions, and an electronic log of all activity. Telematics also allows seal verification electronically, which replaces wasteful disposable seals and can even assist in regulatory compliance.

Product Name : Power In-Lock

Protect your valuable cargo from highway theft & robbery.  This internal lock will keep your cargo safe and will provide an electronic log and remote access to your delivery.

Features :

  • Activity audit
  • Internal Locks not visible from the outside.
  • Lock activation by RF Keyfob/Keypad/GSM
  • Standalone or interfaces with industry telematic devices
  • Traceable & shows chain of custody

Applications :

  • Swing Out Doors
  • Roll Down Doors
  • Ask about installation for other types




Capture Event Audit Information:

  • Identify who access cargo
  • Driver access is an identifiable RF key fob
  • Eliminate driver access when necessary
  • Operate via PC/Lap Top
  • Track all door activity: Time Open / Time Closed
  • Automatically locks when closed

Authorized Access is Quick & Easy:

  • Eliminate logistic problems of key management such as: Lost, Missing Keys, etc.
  • Eliminate access problems of exterior locks such as Dirt Filled, Frozen or Corroded Locks
  • Greatly reduce the potential for internal theft
  • False paperwork is useless to gain access to cargo

Power In-Lock Comes Complete With:

  • Precision manufactured internal lock
  • RF lock setup and audit software
  • RS232 interface connector
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Door status sensor