Power In-Lock®

Power In-Lock®

You can’t break what you can’t see! Power In-Lock® is a patented, electronic internal locking system that – unlike traditional trailer locks – mounts on the inside of the truck, trailer or container, making it impossible to see, access, or tamper with from the outside. As a key-less system, it eliminates lost, stolen or damaged keys, or compromised locks.

Power In-lock® also goes beyond cargo security by logging all door activity – open/closed, time, date, and personnel. Additionally, the entire system can be integrated with telematics to provide location, remote locking/unlocking functions, and an electronic log of all activity. Telematics also allows seal verification electronically, which replaces wasteful disposable seals and can even assist in regulatory compliance.







Internal Locking System

Electronic lock is mounted to inside trailer/container door, so it can't be tampered with from the outside.

Cargo Traceability

Audit and tracking systems show chain of custody

Advanced Telematics

Lock activation by RF Keyfob/Keypad/GSM. Standalone or interfaces with industry telematic devices.

Activity Audit

Electronic activity audit tracks all door open/close activity and identifies who accesses cargo

  • Activity audit
  • Internal Locks not visible from the outside.
  • Lock activation by RF Keyfob/Keypad/GSM
  • Standalone or interfaces with industry telematic devices
  • Traceable & shows chain of custody

Capture Audit Information:

  • Identify who access cargo
  • Driver access is an identifiable RF key fob
  • Eliminate driver access when necessary
  • Operate via PC/Lap Top
  • Track all door activity: Time Open / Time Closed
  • Automatically locks when closed

Manage Authorized Access

  • Eliminate logistic problems of key management such as: Lost, Missing Keys, etc.
  • Eliminate access problems of exterior locks such as Dirt Filled, Frozen or Corroded Locks
  • Greatly reduce the potential for internal theft
  • False paperwork is useless to gain access to cargo

Power In-Lock Comes With…

  • Precision manufactured internal lock
  • RF lock setup and audit software
  • RS232 interface connector
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Door status sensor



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