Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Solutions

Protect your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, even when a shipment route becomes high-risk.

PalletQuilt for Airlines

From Bubble Foil to Pallet Quilts,
We’ve Got You Covered.

From heavy, reusable quilts to single-use Silverskin (bubble foil), we’ve got you covered –literally. Our line of products varies in insulation intensity (R-Value) so you’re equipped with a product that meets your exact, unique needs.

  • Disposable or Multi-Trip
  • Protecting CRT and 2-8C pharmaceuticals
  • Protects from heat and freeze
  • Protects from condensation
  • All products are are tear and puncture resistant

Our products are engineered to face Pharma’s biggest challenges, including:







Airplane Airline ULD Quilt Shipping Products


Do you protect your product all the way through the supply chain, only to experience a temperature excursion on the tarmac? Use our PalletQuilts®, Airline ULD Quilts and PalletQuilt Kits® to eliminate excursions.

QProducts Intermodal Shipping Container for Ocean or Over the Road

Truckload or Overseas Container

Are you shipping CRT products in temperature controlled equipment? Ship in less expensive dry equipment with CargoQuilt® overseas Container Kits.

QProducts Intermodal Shipping Container for Ocean or Over the Road
QProducts Truck Over the Road


Are premium costs associated with your Refrigerated LTL Service? Would increased Refrigerated LTL flexibility help your supply chain? Ever used Refrigerated Truckload Service when only 1-2 pallets required temp control?

A lot happens from point A to B in the supply chain.
We protect your pharmaceuticals every step of the way.

Follow the supply chain from Manufacturer to End User. Hover over the blinking dots along the way to discover our recommendations for temperature protection at each step.

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