Partners for Sustainability

What is the Partners for Sustainability Program?

Partners for Sustainability is the first-of-its kind, start-to-finish, closed cycle of thermal pallet cover fulfillment, tracking, return, inspection, cleaning, refurbishment and re-use. Purchase new covers and pay a fraction of the cost each time the durable quilt is serviced to like-new condition. This program is designed to ensure ongoing availability of quilts, reduce cost, and accommodate budgetary requirements. All while supporting sustainability initiatives in an eco-friendly way.

What is “Circular Sustainability?”

QProducts believes in approaching sustainability in a circular way, looking at the entire supply chain, from start to finish, and finding ways to make the biggest impact overall. Optimizing processes and reducing waste at every step, from using post-consumer raw materials, compact packaging for fewer trucks on the road, reduced reliance on refrigerated transportation on a global scale, eliminating landfill-bound single use thermal pallet covers, and aiming at zero-waste solutions for scrap material. It’s about a meaningful contribution to the environment, while still providing top-quality products and services to our customers.

Meet the Demand for Sustainability

Quilt Tracker is a proprietary application designed specifically for our customer’s strategic management of each QProduct thermal cover. View details of leased and owned assets that are tracked via unique serial number. Scanned into the system via QR code, track where and when each thermal cover is used and gain visibility into how many are assigned to active shipments and how many are available for use at each touch point within your supply chain network. Company admins can create users and view all location and warehouse data. Not just an asset tracker, Quilt Tracker helps your transportation group to contribute real data to your company’s sustainability report.

The Life Cycle of a Thermal Cover

Unique serialization of each PalletQuilt, CargoQuilt, and DrumQuilt helps identify each individual thermal cover as it cycles through its life. As a quilt arrives from QProducts to a customer forwarder location, it’s scanned into the system and applied to a payload, then sent to tarmac to be airlifted. The quilt is then scanned again at destination, removed and returned to a QProducts service center, where it is inspected, cleaned, and returned to like new condition. The thermal cover is then ready to start the cycle again!