PalletQuilt® LTL Temperature Protection

Is the high cost of temperature-controlled LTL service disrupting your transportation budget in 2020? PalletQuilt® thermal covers offer the protection you need to utilize dry LTL even on temperature-sensitive shipments. Reduce your dependency and spending on reefers, avoid capacity issues, and increase customer service while maintaining product integrity.

Power In-Lock® Keeps Your Payloads And Cargo Secure

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PalletQuilt® Maintains Your Pallet's Temperature During Transit

PalletQuilt® works by fighting the ambient conditions of the trailer or container so your cargo doesn’t have to. Depending on the level of protection needed and the ambient risk your shipment might face, there’s a PalletQuilt® cover for your unique transportation requirements. Using a mix of high performing reflective and insulating materials, PalletQuilt® covers preserve the thermal environment within your shipment while offering a radiant and conductive barrier to the extreme conditions in a trailer, container, or even on the tarmac. Learn more about how PalletQuilt® protected craft beer during extreme summer heat in an ocean container.

Refrigerated LTL Alternative

Maintain product specifications, reduce spend, and meet customer expectations shipping dry LTL

Proven Performance

25+ years experience protecting temperature-sensitive products with the performance data to back it up

Advanced Materials

PalletQuilt's® high-tech reflectivity and advanced insulation offers industry leading thermal protection

PalletQuilt® Has You Covered

On all modes of transportation, in any shape or size, there's a PalletQuilt® to cover your shipment

PalletQuilt® Products to Meet Your Shipping Needs

Our line of PalletQuilt® thermal pallet covers meets a variety of shipping needs:


  • Standard — Our standard slipcover product is designed to fit snugly at pallet corners. While disposable, it is also durable enough to reuse.
  • Cap and Wrap PalletQuilt® (CWPQ) — The CWPQ is designed for combo-loading mixed loads in single temperature or dry trailers. The CWPQ fits various pallet heights.
  • Unit Load Device (ULD) Airline Quilt — This product includes six-sided protection and features a reflective exterior to protect against heat absorption from the tarmac and sun. It fits a variety of pallet configurations, including 10-foot, 20-foot, and standard sizes.
  • PalletQuilt® Kit — The kit offers six-sided protection provided by a bottom pad and wrap that secures with two-sided tape.
  • Tote/Drum PalletQuilt® — This kit is designed to slip over four drum pallets and tote tanks. It comes with tightening straps and bill of lading (BOL) windows.


PalletQuilt® products meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries; chemicals, paints and coatings industries; and the food and beverage industries, among others. The PalletQuilt® is a qualified and cost-effective solution to maintain your product’s temperature integrity throughout its shipment.

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