Our Products


PalletQuilt thermal pallet covers maintain your product’s temperature integrity throughout transit. Whether you’re looking for a lighter, single-use thermal packaging solution or a heavy-duty, insulated pallet cover that can be used multiple times, there’s a PalletQuilt variation available for your unique shipping needs. PalletQuilts are qualified and cost-effective solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and logistics industries.


CargoQuilt products meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and logistics industries. CargoQuilt is a qualified and cost-effective solution to maintain your product’s temperature and fight temperature fluctuation.


Our DrumQuilts offer proven protection when freezing temps or extreme heat threaten your shipment. For chemicals, raw materials, and food ingredients, DrumQuilt can eliminate temperature risk and provide flexibility in your supply chain.


High-Performance Thermal Box Liners. QLiner is the perfect insulated packaging material for temperature & shock sensitive products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. What level of protection do your D2C and home deliveries require?


For containers, pallets and custom applications. QFoil is an economical and single use solution that can supply thermal insulation packaging for entire loads, pallets or for lining containers. This quality material is tear and puncture-resistant. It’s available pre-cut and fan folded for pallets or containers, or by-the-roll for your custom applications.

Power In-Lock

Internal Locking System for better Cargo Security. The design of the Power In-Lock® system means your cargo is secure all the way through the supply chain. The system automatically locks when the door is closed and monitors all door openings and closings. Power In-Lock’s software identifies who accesses the cargo and enables you to manage user access permissions remotely, allowing lock/unlock commands to be sent via Bluetooth from any Apple or Android smart device.