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Our corporate family consists of 10+ companies all parented by LANCO International. It all started with our flagship crane manufacturer, Mi-Jack Products but has since expanded to a versatile group of organizations serving customers worldwide.


In 1954, from his home in a south suburb of Chicago, John Lanigan envisioned a better way. Since 1954, the result is a multinational corporation providing machinery and solutions for the transportation and material handling industries worldwide.


At Lanco, we are a diverse group of companies specializing in many disciplines: from heavy equipment manufacturing to sales and service; from facility operations to event promotions; from integrated technologies to equipment distribution. By focusing on product quality, service, and communication at every level, we consistently set the standard for performance and customer satisfaction.


Each of our companies has a strong local presence, yet can quickly leverage the global resources of Lanco. This integrated approach provides the broad based expertise that produces the kind of results our customers demand.


The Lanco Group of Companies has always been at the forefront of finding new ways to build added value for our customers. No matter which of the Lanco companies you are dealing with, we are all driven by one simple directive: to do what’s right for our customers. Our mission is to provide industry leading products and services to every one of our customers.

The LANCO Network is here to serve you, whether down the road or across the globe

Our Partners

TP3 Global Thermal Pallet Covers

TP3 Global (A Softbox company) is the manufacturer of the globally recognized market leading SilverSkin™ range of pallet covers in Europe and Asia.

Everstream Analytics uses your shipment data and advanced weather prediction software to detect risks in intermodal or over-the-road shipments up to 2 weeks prior to tender.

Poseidon Logo

Poseidon is conceived as a pharma sea-freight program that is bringing the industry’s most enlightened and forward-thinking organizations together to develop and implement a game-changing global pharma sea-freight service.

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If you're searching for thermal shipping, insulated shipping containers, pallet wraps, thermal blankets, insulated foil, banana blankets, tote covers, drum covers, thermal blankets, shipping blankets, electronic cargo locks, or ice cream bags, you found all that and a whole lot more. We are fully committed to providing a passive thermal solution from top to bottom, nose to rear, of your temperature sensitive cargo.

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