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QProducts & Services featured in Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine’s March April Edition

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The following is an excerpt from Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine. For full article click here

Thermal blankets find a growing cold chain role

Management of controlled room-temperature shipments generates rising demand

By Nicholas Basta

The pharma cold chain is dominated by refrigerated products—those that need to be kept between 2–8°C in storage and transportation. A broad-based network of insulation technologies, technical practices at freight forwarding companies; and devices and systems for air, ground and ocean transportation have evolved to manage these requirements, all driven by the grim reality that an exposure to elevated (or freezing) temperatures can spoil a pharma shipment, putting thousands, if not millions, of dollars of product inventory at risk.

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QProducts & Services and Riskpulse enter new partnership:

QProducts & Services

Chicago, IL, January, 2017: Riskpulse and Q Products & Services (QPS) have joined forces to create a market-leading, technology-led customer experience for temperature sensitive shipments. The partnership supports the complex needs of supply chain logistics by providing the global market with a new standard to quantify shipment risk. This data-driven approach provides shippers and carriers with a clear understanding of when and where to apply the optimal passive thermal protection solutions.