Product Detail

Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt® is a specialized passive thermal solution designed for grocery retailers and distributors to protect the temperature integrity of perishable and frozen commodities during store deliveries. QProducts proprietary insulation has a unique ability to protect sensitive items – including ice cream – in a refrigerated trailer set to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt® a viable alternative to dry ice, bunker boxes, freezer blankets, bulkheads, and multi temperature trailers. Like our other passive temperature protection products, Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt® captures the existing environment of your freight and assists in maintaining a safe temperature range throughout the delivery process.

Product Name : Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt®

Available Sizes :
48″ x 40″ x 70″
Accommodates any pallet size from 36″ to 70″

48″ x 40″ x 88″
Accommodates any pallet size from 54″ to 88″

Applications :

Combo Loads Transportation Thermal SolutionsLTL



  • Improve Picking Process by Combining Ice Cream and Frozen on Same Pallet
  • Combine Perishables and Frozen on a Single Temp Trailer.
  • Eliminate Costly & Single Use Dry Ice Expense
  • Increased Trailer Cube by Eliminating Bunker/Freezer Boxes & Bulkheads
  • Reduce Number of Miles Traveled
  • Extend Life of Refrigerated Trailers by running at 34F instead of -20F
  • Height Adjustability Accommodates Random Order Sizes
  • Collapsible Design Supports Back Haul Opportunities
  • Horizontal & Vertical Storage Keeps Quilts Off the Floors
  • Asset Tracking Solution via QuiltTracer™
  • License Plate / Branding Window
  • Easy-to-use design allows for efficient application & removal