Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt®

Cap and Wrap PalletQuilts® are thermal pallet covers designed to protect individual pallets of temperature sensitive commodities. Consider Cap and Wrap PalletQuilt® a flexible source for combo loading to maximize refrigerated equipment utilization. Like our other passive temperature protection products, PalletQuilt® captures the existing environment of your freight and assists in maintaining a safe temperature range throughout the delivery process. Check out our case studies and real world performance examples below!

Road (LTL / Combo Loading)

Grocery Retail & Distribution

Cost Saver

Replace LTL reefers with combo-loading on dry trailers


Adjustable height accommodates random order sizes or double-stacked pallets


With a lifespan of 10 years, the Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt® is great for closed-loop supply chains.

Ice Cream Protection

Cap & Wrap superior insulation even protects Ice Cream, keeping it frozen in a 34-degree trailer.


  • Improve picking process by combining ice cream and frozen on the same Pallet
  • Combo loading solution: Combine perishables and frozen on a single temperature trailer.
  • Eliminate costly & single-use dry ice expense
  • Increased trailer cube by eliminating bunker/freezer boxes & bulkheads
  • Reduce the number of miles traveled
  • Extend the life of reefers (refrigerated trailers) by running at 34F instead of -20F


  • Height adjustability accommodates random order sizes
  • Collapsible design supports back haul opportunities
  • Horizontal & vertical storage keeps quilts off the floors
  • Asset tracking solution via QuiltTracker™
  • License plate/branding window
  • Easy-to-use design allows for efficient application & removal

Food & Beverage

While the Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt can service a variety of industries, it was engineered to meet the specific needs of the Food & Beverage Industry.

About the Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt®

About the Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt®

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