Applications with Q Products & Services

Intermodal Transportation Thermal Solutions


Leverage your risk of losing product integrity when your cargo sits at the yard over the weekend, is stranded in a winter storm or is in powered down equipment by implementing passive thermal protection from QProducts & Services when you ship intermodal.

Over The Road Transportation Thermal Solutions

Over the Road

We are the CargoQuilt® people and we have been for over 20 years. Protect your truck load with CargoQuilt® or Container Kit™. Mixed loads? Try PalletQuilt® on for size!

Rail Transportation Thermal Solutions


We make box car quilts. Weary of that long transit going through extreme temperature swings? Temper those temps with one of our passive thermal products to take the spike out of those lanes that are costing you.

Combo Loads Transportation Thermal Solutions

Combo Loading

Max your loads and get rid of those bulkheads and multi-temp reefers. Our Cap & Wrap PalletQuilt® (CWPQ™) allows you to ship Ice Cream in a single temp, 38°F trailer with stone cold accuracy!

LTL Transportation Thermal Solutions


Our PalletQuilt® can give you the protection you need on one or a few pallets when using refrigerated LTL transit is hard to find and expensive to secure.

Air Freight Transportation Thermal Solutions


The tarmac can be a threat to your product integrity. When getting your freight to the plane our ULD PalletQuilt® is an MVP for some of the biggest carriers.

Parcel Transportation Thermal Solutions


Our small packaging solutions are competitive and effective. Pouches and box liners come in standard and custom sizes as well as multiple levels of protection

Delivery Transportation Thermal Solutions

Delivery / Distribution

Whether keeping your product chilled, frozen or hot, it can be challenging to maintain temperature specs when the door has to be opened for delivery over and over. Our ThermaPak® line of products are design to consolidate the air space around your product from stop to stop and can often replace dry ice and gel packs as well as mechanical means of heating or cooling your delivery.