Passive Thermal Protection For

Air Cargo

Air Cargo Products

Our reflective thermal PalletQuilts cover standard pallet sizes, as well as standard ULD configurations. These passive thermal solutions are designed for CRT and 2°-8°C shipments. They are also more economical compared to high priced active shippers and durable enough to be used many times.

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Why Choose Our Air Cargo Thermal Solutions?

  •  Disposable or Multi-Trip
  •  Protecting CRT or 2-8°C
  •  Made Tough: Will Not Peal or Tear
  •  Quick and Easy Application
  •  Alternative To Refrigerated Units
  •  Protection from Heat and Freeze

Cost Saver

Compressed packaging reduces shipping and storage.

Time Savings

Applied in seconds, no cutting or taping required.


Higher R value with up to 25% better thermal performance.

Tarmac Protection

Highly reflective, for extended tarmac protection.

Air Cargo Products

Lightweight reflective pallet cover protecting temperature sensitive freight

Single Use QS100

Highly reflective tarmac protection. Single-use convenience, but durable enough to reuse. This lightweight pallet cover applies easily in seconds time.

PalletQuilt® Kit

Reflective, multi-use thermal cover, featuring six-sided protection, customizable with a variety of accessories for optimal thermal shipping performance.

reflective and insulated ULD PMC cover for protecting air freight on the tarmac

ULD PalletQuilt®

Reflective exterior to repel radiant heat on the tarmac. Fits a variety of pallet configurations and ULD sizes. Bottom wrap provided six-sided protection.

Food & Beverage

Air Cargo Solutions
For Temperature Sensitive Freight

Adding a layer of passive temperature protection mitigates risk of temperature excursion periods and helps ensure a stable temperature range, and smoother fluctuation throughout the entire cold chain journey. QProducts & Service’s airfreight protection solutions are built for this exact purpose.

Certain industries – including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemicals – must ensure that their commodities maintain a specific temperature range during the shipping process, whether that lasts hours or days. It’s in these circumstances that thermal packaging and cold chain shipping containers are used to help protect valuable cargo from temperature spikes that would make it worthless upon arrival.

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