Our flagship thermal pallet cover design, closed at all corners. Available at various levels of insulated performance, and performance qualified for multiple uses.

PalletQuilt Kit

Our standard thermal pallet cover with six sided protection. Customizable with a variety of accessories for optimal thermal pack-outs for CRT and 2-8C product.

reflective and insulated ULD PMC cover for protecting air freight on the tarmac

ULD Air Freight Quilt

Reflective, insulated thermal protection on the tarmac for airfreight. Fits a variety of pallet configurations and ULD sizes. Bottom wrap provides six-sided protection.

a breathable, insulated pallet cover protecting a pallet of temp-sensitive product

Breathable PalletQuilt

Breathable sides and reflective top allow use in tandem with refrigerated transport. Designed for refrigerated ocean container payloads.

Tote & Drum Quilt

Designed to slip over 4 drum pallets and tote tanks when shipping chemicals in freezing conditions. Complete with tightening straps and BOL windows.

Lightweight reflective pallet cover protecting temperature sensitive freight

Single Use Covers

A single-use reflective thermal pallet cover, popular for air cargo tarmac protection against the radiant heat of the sun, cold wind, and rain.

Cap & Wrap

For combo loading mixed loads for grocery retail distribution in single temp or dry trailers. Fits various pallet heights.